Sufficiency Economy

Sufficiency Economy


“Sufficiency Economy”  is a philosophy that stresses the
middle path as an overriding principle for appropriate conduct by the
populace at all levels. This applies to conduct starting from the level of the
families, communities, as well as the level of nation in development and
administration  so as to modernize in line with the forces of globalization.
“Sufficiency” means moderation, reasonableness, and the need of self –
immunity for sufficient protection from impact arising from internal and
external changes. To achieve this, an application of knowledge with due
consideration and prudence is essential. In particular great care is
needed in the utilization of theories and methodologies for planning and
implementation in every step. At the same time, it is essential to
strengthen the moral fibre of the nation, so that everyone, particularly
public officials, academics, businessmen at all levels, adheres first and
foremost to the principles of honesty and integrity. In addition, a way of
life based on patience, perseverance, diligence, wisdom and prudence is
indispensable to create balance and be able to cope appropriately with
critical challenges arising from extensive and rapid socioeconomic,
environmental, and cultural changes in the world.”

magazine “Chai Pattana Foundation”

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